Affilorama Premium 2010 Review

Affilorama Premium 2010 Review

Affilorama Premium 2010. Is It Worth It?

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APprelaunch250x250px Affilorama Premium 2010 ReviewAffilorama Premium 2010 Edition which is due to be released on November 24th, 2009 is the latest incarnation of Super Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing trainer, Mark Ling.

Since 2006 Mark Ling has helped people be effective in the highly competitive world of affiliate marketing with his original training platform, ‘Affilorama’, (which is now available as a free site). Affilorama featured step by step lessons in affiliate marketing, interviews with “gurus” and some web tools.

But what about his new product Affilorama Premium 2010? Once again, it will be available as a paid membership site, but the question is, ‘if you can access Affilorama for free, do you really need it?’


Affilorama Premium 2010 is a monthly membership affiliate training site (Try it for only $1 for 7 days).  Affiliate Marketing  is undoubtedly one of the most profitable niches on the internet but it is also one of the most competitive and without the proper training, the ‘average person’ doesn’t stand a chance.

Each month they will provide in-depth training on a particular Affiliate Marketing strategy, including CPA, Blogging, Copywriting, PPC, SEO One of the most and more. Mark and the team from Affilorama Premium 2010 will conduct interviews with web millionaires and super affiliates in each field, and provide a comprehensive web-magazine including videos and online tools for each topic.

So, What Do You Get With Affilorama Premium 2010 And Is It Worth It?

1. Access to everything provided in the original Affilorama, including training videos, articles, tools and forum.

2. Monthly web magazine covering a particular aspect of affiliate marketing in comprehensive detail.

3. New content each month including interviews and webinars with top super affiliates and online millionaires.

4. New and upgraded internet marketing software tools including:

  • Google Adwords Quality Score Checker (UPDATED from the original with new features)
  • PPC Generator (NEW)
  • Backlink Checker
  • Trusted Sites Tool (NEW)
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Market Strength
  • Social Snoop Tool (NEW)
  • Article Compare
  • Article Spin Tool (NEW)
  • Bullet Point Generator
  • Opt-In Box Generator (NEW)
  • Newsletter Popover Generator (UPDATED)
  • XML Sitemap Generator

5. Web hosting and services.

Affilorama Premium 2010 also offers free web hosting for 15 separate domains and related services you will need to build an effective website. You would normally have to pay for these anyway, so this will effectively reduce your monthly cost for their training.

  • Free Web Hosting for 15 separate domains, including for each domain:
    • 2GB Disc Space.
    • 75GB Monthly Traffic Bandwidth.
    • 10 subdomains – e.g. forums and blogs.
    • 10 email addresses – plus catch-all function so you can us any address
    • 10 MySQL Databases.
    • 10 FTP Accounts.
  • Up to 10 automatic replies for your email addresses.
  • Over 500 website templates including squeeze pages.
  • Over $500 of software including password managers, JavaScript tools for your site and JavaScript compression for faster loading.
  • Thousands of stock images, clipart, banners, logos and web art for you to use.
  • One click installation for popular software like WordPress.
  • FrontPage extensions Support.
  • Instructions to easily move existing sites over to Affilorama Premium Hosting.


So, is it worth it? In my opinion, YES! Although you might be able to find similar training and resources like those offered by Affilorama Premium 2010 free on the internet, you also have to consider the time and effort involved in attempting such a task on an ongoing basis and where your time could be better spent.

The biggest problem faced by people venturing into Affiliate Marketing is that they are competing with highly experienced marketers, so without the right knowledge, training and tools they don’t stand a chance. Sifting through the massive amounts of information available online to find the cutting edge techniques that super affiliates and online millionaires are using, becomes not only extremely time consuming, but an overwhelming task.

Affilorama Premium 2010 (Click Here For The Official Site) brings you the latest cutting edge  information and techniques in an easy to understand structured manner from people who are making the big money in Internet Marketing right now. It also provides you with many of the tools and resources used by the pros, so you can be highly competitive in this difficult niche and remain so for the long term.

If you are not making as much money as you would like, or any money at all, then why not try Affilorama Premium 2010 for 7 days for only $1, or just check it out to claim your FREE expert report by clicking the banner below.

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 Affilorama Premium 2010 Review

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