Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

I Just Bought Niche Blueprint 2.0 and am **AMAZED**
Was it Worth the Money?
**Absolutely** Read About it!

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Update January 15th – Ok so I just spent a few hours trying to find some new niches using the tools that came with my Niche Blueprint 2.0 and my results were, well lets say very very good as I just had to stop looking. Why did I stop? I came upon 3 niches and three high traffic keywords with very low competition for these 3 niches so that is enough to keep us busy for the next few weeks. The traffic for each niche is #1 – 2600 Searches/Day, #2 – 10,240 Searches/Day, #3 – 13,400 Searches/Day.

I also came to the realization that if you are into affiliate marketing like Commission Blueprint 2.0 teaches then you may want to consider getting Discover Niche Finder. It will certainly assist in finding products to focus your marketing efforts on. Once you find the niche and product all you need to do is go and find the product in a place like Commission Junction or ShareASale to promote, you don’t need to do ecommerce or find a dropshipper. I will say that one of the products/niches I found above will be marketed using an affiliate account. If I was looking for a new tool to add to my arsenal for affiliate marketing the Discover Niche Finder would be an extremely valuable asset to purchase if you already have something like Commission Blueprint.

Update January 14th – Just checked a site I put up for one niche I found just after buying Niche Blueprint 2.0 on Monday and it is already on the first page of Yahoo for 2 long tail keywords that the Discover Niches Tool Found for me with Keyword Blueprint. This shows how great this product is for finding opportunities online.

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Here is a screenshot I took while using the New Discover Niche’s Tool which by itself is worth more then the cost of Niche Blueprint 2.0. Not only will it let you find new ecommerce niches but it opens a doorway into many new ideas for me. Just take a look at the image below:

Picture 2 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Why is this tool so different from other keyword tools?

This new tool is so different because it did a rocket launch into a new frontier. In no other tools can you just browse your keywords without using a top level seed keyword and going from there. The hardest part of keyword research is finding these main keywords to expand and enlarge your list from. I did the above search in a total of 5 seconds tops. My mind is going ***Crazy*** The Value of Just This One Tool is worth thousands to me.

Bonus Offer >>>> If you are looking for bonuses to receive with Niche Blueprint, well I am offering Personalized One on One Coaching for 60 days with MSN messenger chat. Heck! I will even help you find 2 good niches to market too.

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mm twitter Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0 2. 45 Minute Twitter Profits Interview

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bcpic Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

3. 3 Bonus Ecommerce Software Templates

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google adwords logo Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0 4. High Traffic & Low Cost Keywords

We’ve compiled 65 of the top search volume kw’s that Google is reporting can be had for $.05 USD. You could use them to drive traffic to simple email/zip CPA offers.

google adsense logo2 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0 5. Our Adsense Keyword Database

Here is a fantastic resource of high paying, high volume keywords that would be perfect to build Adsense sites around.

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Results Using Niche Blueprint 1

In the last year my husband and I have built 3 storefront using Niche Blueprint and have had success. Although our success is not making us rich it has allowed us to work together in our own business doing internet marketing. Our 3 stores each month are bringing in between $2500 – $4300 in sales a month and this next year we have plans to build three more as our first ones basically run on auto pilot allowing us to do affiliate marketing too which certainly adds to our monthly income. So will I buy Niche Blueprint 2.0? **UPDATE Jan 11, 11am mst*** I Bought Niche Blueprint 2.0 and am already doing niche research with their new tools. It is quite exceptional so far.

Picture 4 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Total Sales of our First Ecommerce Store

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$297 for the first week of release then price raises to $497 on Jan 18th

Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review is a very unique and extremely high quality course that you’ll be able to use with great confidence. Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey have made HUGE improvements, adjustments and additions…in fact, this course is a TOTALLY different animal to the first version for the simple reason that it is going to be MUCH easier for users like us to start making money with Ecommerce.

New Buyers and Previous Buyers like myself who upgrade will discover new ways to make tens of thousands of dollars each month with ‘child simple’ niche Ecommerce sites using precise step by step instructions contained within 30 videos and 30 manuals…

Steve and Tim have also added a number of incredible pieces of unique software including website building, SEO, keyword research and niche research tools which in
reality are worth many times the price of the course itself.

Niche Blueprint 2 Arrived!

Niche Blueprint 2.0 – What’s New?

The main changes for this year generally involve some amazing software additions to make it easier for people to start making money with the Niche Blueprint course.

They have also simplified a number of videos within the course which previous buyers have had trouble understanding.

In terms of methodology, the course is essentially the same. However, these additions will allow buyers to make money much faster and here are some examples of some of the tools that they are going to get…

Buy Niche Blueprint 2.0

Market Research…

The Ecommerce niche finder! – A brand new tool that will jump start the creative process. This tool automatically examines millions of potential markets using Google and reveals the ones that will be ripe for ecommerce!

niche database 300x169 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Keyword research for SEO using Keyword Blueprint. This amazing tool plucks out high traffic & commercial keywords that have low competition for fast and easy Google domination…

keywordblueprint 300x193 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Setting Up Ecommerce Websites…

They have brand new push button software that makes setting up a store front so much faster… even for complete newbies! It is a hundred times easier to use than the previous version and comes with a big list of professional templates … all included. Here’s an example template…

store1 278x300 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Sourcing Products To Sell…

They have a brand new version of ‘Dropship Blueprint’ with thousands more products and suppliers at your finger tips with a new easier to manage interface.

dropshipblueprint 252x300 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Traffic & Search Engine Optimization…

They have some amazing new traffic generation tactics and tools including Article Blueprint which creates multiple versions of a single article and automatically submits them to our network of high PR directories.

Authority Hub, which finds high PR hubs which you can then add links to for fast improved search engine rankings.

Also there’s Link Blueprint – a revolutionary 3-way link service that is undetectable by Google

articleblueprint1 300x196 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

authorityhub 300x219 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

linkblueprint 264x300 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

Well that is everything new inside Niche Blueprint 2.0

These tools are all you will need to succeed in your own Niche Business.

There is 9 Modules inside filled with video tutorials and pdf files. Each component is broken down into small chucks for easy digestion of information.

blue buynow3 Niche Blueprint User Reviews Niche Blueprint 2.0

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