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Read My unbiased Review of SEM Business Blueprint

Would you like to Discover an enormous Market that is mostly not being targeted, filled with Clients Ready to Spend Money with you?

If You’re Interested In Building Your Own Full Time Online Business that can Bring in a Six Figure Income with only 10 sales… Then This Report Is For You!

You’re About To Get The Straight Facts (my unbiased review) Of The Most Cost Effective & Easy-To-Follow SEM Business in a Box For Building

And Implementing Your Own Turn-Key SEM Business Solution (& you can do it for under $200)

hanna 199x300 SEM Business Blueprint   ReviewedDear Friend,

Hello, my name is Hanna and I’d like to welcome you to my website.

It’s my hope that this website can be of some help to you if you’re in the market for an opportunity to start an online business that can bring in a Six Figure Income, that is very Cost Effective and Extremely Easy to Follow.

As a designer I’ve been working and getting by earning my living while employed for a public company in the Business Communications Market for over two decades now. It has become a passion of mine to research and employ the best new opportunities in Internet Marketing… and share those opportunities I find with others like you as well.

In this particular case the timing was perfect because I have been looking to extend my knowledge of Internet Marketing and find a niche filled with great possibilities for my family and I that has very low competition. Money has been tight and finding the best marketing possibility was tedious, but I came upon this Turn-Key Opportunity of an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Business that comes stuffed with everything someone needs to start their own SEM Business in their Community.

I evaluated a significant number of other products out there in this niche and found no others that are a complete SEM Business Blueprint in a Box.

The power of this business is absolutely immense -

You can quit $50,000/yr Job with only 5 clients.

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Another Great Thing about this Business is each New Client can be worth from $800 to $1000 per Month!

5 Customers = $50,000.00
10 Customers = $100,000.00
50 Customers = $500,000.00
100 Customers = $1,000,000.00
=>What Can You Expect with SEM Business Blueprint?

=>What did I learn?

=> What did I Find inside SEM Business Blueprint?

Read all About it Below:

I found inside SEM Business Blueprint the Following:

Points to Note:

The Course is a series of Videos almost 4 hours in duration, plus an incredibly amazing set of tools and resources. Some resource links are for free and some are for paid. You can achieve success just using all of the free supplied materials and the free online resources, as the paid ones are optional and may help with the success in a faster manner. Also included inside are two professionally designed websites for your use to promote your sem business, and proposal documents complete with an editable powerpoint presentation to assist with your success.

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Box Small Jpeg 144x150 SEM Business Blueprint   ReviewedModule one, the creator Steven Clayton explains extremely well how to perform keyword research, how to structure Adwords campaigns, how to perform campaign analysis, how to measure value metrics for your customers, and more, in a way that is very easy to understand and follow. Everything to get you started right away!

Module two, you learn how to find and approach potential clients to offer them SEM services. Again this area is very well thought out and presented so I could learn and understand the concepts they are teaching. It also includes case studies where the concepts are applied.

Module three, compiles the information taught in modules one and two and puts it all together in a series of four videos. The course then ends with a fifth video that explains the intricacies of back-linking.

Conclusion: Overall I can confidently recommend SEM Business Blueprint to you as the Best Turn-Key SEM Business opportunity out there. You will find others but not in the same top level category of this product. …. Click for More Details of each Section

Hanna Rates SEM Business Blueprint 5 / 5
Quality of Content 5 stars SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed
Ease of Understanding 5 stars SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed
Price / Value 5 stars SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed
Customer Support 4 half stars SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed
Peer to Peer Forum 5 stars SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed

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SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 1Collage Small Jpeg 300x165 SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed

- Why the market demand for this type of service is vast and increasing all the time and how to set things up correctly using the supplied tools and resources.

- Why this is something I could do no matter where I lived in the world. Everyone wants to increase their business online, but few know how to do it effectively and are chucking tons of money down the drain each day as a result. In other words they NEED you… and will pay you to do it.

- Using the material and tools they handed me, I was able to get up and running in as little as 48 hours (no joke) and was uniquely positioned to be on your way to a 6-figure income in an astonishingly short space of time.

SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 2

_ In this section they taught me a simple step by step way on how to set up Pay Per Click and SEO management services and how, once everything is running, how and why new customers will pay you up front fee of as much as $2500 BEFORE you actually do any work…

- They showed me why I should become Adwords certified and the ‘special’ way of setting up Adwords accounts so you can easily manage your customers accounts. Yes you should have a basic understanding of Adwords!

- They showed me precisely how to analyze any business in 3 minutes flat and how to use some simple but highly effective research secrets that’ll allowed me to generate thousands of keywords for any business… super quickly… even if I didn’t know anything about the market.

- Also they showed an amazing tool that spies on the competition that I was up against so I could see where they are advertising. It cuts out hours or even days of work which in turn allows me to generate thousands of dollars in fees for something that takes just 4 hours to set up.

• SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 3

- First off they taught me the inner workings of one tool that saved me hours of work allowing me to run and manage more then one account successfully and make large amounts of changes that I used to do one at a time in my adwords account.

- I was shown the exact steps to take when my campaigns weren’t receiving any traffic, a quick fix to implement when my cost per click was too high and how to convey massive value to my customers by proving that I was split testing and tracking their results every day. (in fact, a ‘tool’ will do all this work for you)

- Another item they teach is how to offer highly sought after SEO services (even though I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimization) and charge a fortune for grabbing the #1 spot in Google using the techniques.

- They also showed me how to outsource some of the work for pennies on the dollar so some earnings become automated.

- The last item in this stage was how to offer website development services that can then be outsourced on the cheap.

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Case Small Jpeg SEM Business Blueprint   Reviewed• SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 4

- In this section of the blueprint they gave me a full-on exposé of the inner workings of this type of online business by taking me behind the scenes and showed real life examples from their own accounts…

- They gave specific depth about how Google’s account center works, the exact set up they have which they allowed me to copy… and also ran me through a case study that made them $11,000 cash in pocket.

- They showed me the exact way in which I needed to build ads for clients, how to use a selection of really cool Google tools to set everything up and then be able to make changes and adjustments extremely quickly, if and when I needed to.

• SEM Business Blueprint – Stage 5

- In this section of the course they taught me where and how to find high paying customers. How to virtually guarantee their business by proving how I could solve their problems, cut their costs, and make them money using really simple methods they will no nothing about.

- Other things that were shown to me in the this section were, how the authors were successful with clients using a step by step method. Also how to educate my customers by explaining how I am able to increase their profits by lowering their advertising expenses by advertising online.

- And lastly they showed me the exact pricing strategy they used, how they were charging people $500 to $2500 each month for every individual campaign and why they still made huge profits even when they outsourced all the work.

Ok So that is Alot of Information and Education they are offering! Right?

That is Not Everything Yet!

What Else Could there be?

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• Two Fully Developed Websites are Included

wo SEM Business Blueprint   ReviewedFirst Website – This is the entire multi-page website they used to advertise their business and attract clients and originally cost us over $3000 to have made. The content is already done so all that is needed to do is set up a domain name, make a few adjustments to the picture and name and get it online in 30 minutes. It’ll save you weeks of research and a fortune in copywriting and development.

It includes introductions, privacy policies, disclaimers pages aswell as detailed explanations on all aspects of the services you can now offer which will allow you to attract customers and start earning immediately!

It’ll give your new business a massive head start so you can replicate their success even faster!

ww SEM Business Blueprint   ReviewedSecond Website – This is the second website they created for their SEM business and like the first one it enables us to get our business up and running as fast as possible. Everything is ready to go and it comes complete with detailed descriptions of the SEO, social networking and Adwords services you can offer. The writing is exceptional and it’ll have clients flocking to our sites begging us to provide them with our services especially as it includes tips and advice on internet marketing which will instil a sense of value and professionalism in both us and our business.

• More tools Included

The Formulas…

In this section they gave 2 unique formulas which will enabled me to work out exactly how much I should be spending for my clients on Google Adwords aswell as what campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists I should be using.

Link Building Plan…

This SEO link building plan is something that I show my customers and then I use aswell to grab top ten Google rankings. It sets out a step by step plan that really works and helps to dominate the search engine rankings.

pp1 SEM Business Blueprint   ReviewedPowerpoint Presentation…

The next thing is a highly professional power point presentation that if editable and used to demonstrate to customers how effective marketing on the internet can be.

A Sample Radio Commercial…

An actual advertise they used and that we can copy to use. I haven’t gotten this far yet, but I can see its usefulness.

Finally – Proposal & Statement of Work…

They handed me a full proven business proposal that I use to send out to customers which sets out the objectives, goals, services, additional services that I will provide, and exactly how I am going to implement them. The example that we can copy and adjust in this instance was originally for a $2375 order with $1200/month on-going fees… again just for one client.

They also give a statement of work including ‘milestones’ and ‘deliverables’ and this is what we should send to our customers once we have gotten the job…

This is the Treasure at the End of the Rainbow!

I hope you find this information to be of value and if I can be of further assistance to you, feel free to drop me an email at: Hanna at and I’ll do my best to assist you.

To Your Success,


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